Our services and consulting are not cookie cutter, that apply to virtually anyone. We focus on the individual and welcome short term and long term projects. Once we determine your individual needs, we can quote you a price. You are encouraged to read this interview, offering you valuable insight prior to contacting us. Due to the special care and time devoted to each designer, space is limited. We are happy to schedule a complimentary preliminary phone call to discuss your needs and get to know each other !


Jewelry Therapy™ : Ask Me Anything . If you just have a few questions, need some general guidance and are not ready to commit to a package or project, you can book a “Jewelry Therapy” appointment BTH  Price : $100/hour.


Story Telling : Sending the right message with consistency and definition is crucial. If you cannot properly articulate your unique message, you cannot expect that others will "get it". This package is solely dedicated to crafting a message that is unique and clearly defined. Consider it a compass or a road map that assists you in navigation.

Brand Overview Analysis  : This fully encompassing analysis will offer you an overview of your overall presentation. We will examine your website from its visual presentation, artistic story and bio, product offering, product descriptions, continuity, organization and what is essential and missing from your site. Included is a summary of your site structure and ease of navigation (organization). This overview will be presented in a video review, with follow up for any questions you might have.

Product Overview :  This detailed overview focuses solely on your line, how to edit it, shape it, price it accordingly as well as how to create its special story and present it. There is no website review in this package.

Steps to Success : Everyone has a different definition of what success means to them. This overview will determine what it is you are truly seeking in your career and what steps are necessary take to get there. There is no fast track, magical wand or Fairy Godmother. This in depth session includes questions, listening and provides realistic solutions.

Any of the following projects can be combined into a package :


Line Building/Editing

Line Sheets

Look Books

Pricing Strategy

Crafting the right bio or story

Creative writing for marketing

Creative writing for website

Making the right financial decisions and investments


Marketing Materials

Logo Design

Personalized Graphics (for social media - IG or other platforms)

Customized Video for your brand

Lifestyle Photography and Styling

Website Re-Design (does not include SEO)

"If you are your authentic self, you have no competition."