"From the beginning, working with Faith has not only been a pleasure but has been akin to taking a masters class in marketing and branding. Faith has an uncanny ability to get to the core of the matter with a deep

reserve of patience mixed with a sense humor, professionalism and a true desire to do what is best for all.I am not good at editing my own work, and often get overwhelmed by all the details needed to present a piece in its best light. Faith jumped right in and helped me take apart the multiple collections of my line to come upwith a cohesive offering of jewelry that is perfect for The Jewelry Showcase. Through this process, I learned more about my jewelry and how to “brand” and present it than I have everlearned from the high-priced marketing people I have hired in the past. It was thrilling to work with a person understands communication and returned emails within hours if not minutes. Faith doesn't tear down, she uplifts ! "- Andrea Gutierrez, Andrea Gutierrez Jewelry

"As a small business owner, maker and designer, working with Faith has been so enriching for my brand. Right away, I felt supported and that I wasn’t doing this on my own anymore. I have worked with other luxury brand consultants in the past and felt like I wasn’t learning what I needed to in order to elevate my brand. From the moment I started working Faith, I began to get a much clearer picture of what I needed to do to get my business and brand to the next level.  Launching your work to a new platform can be a daunting and down right scary prospect. I was able to openly share my worries and doubts with Faith. Not only did she encourage and lift me up, she worked patiently with me until we got every single detail just right. Faith willingly shared and kindly bestowed upon me her extensive experience and vast industry knowledge, which has proven to be priceless." - Jessica Noelle, J. Noelle Fine Jewelry

"Once I started to advance my skills as a goldsmith and the quality of my materials, I really struggled to figure out what to design. I was trying to come up with something the masses would go crazy for - inexpensive and easy to produce in moderate quantities for marketing projects and for boutiques. It totally killed my creativity. I was lucky enough to have mentors push me to design pieces that took even more time, used more expensive materials and charge more for my work. I struggled most with that last part! Faith really pushed me to put an adequate price on my work. As a result, this past year I more than doubled my gross sales from the year before, even though I had much less actual studio time. Each of those new ventures have inspired more custom orders as people started to “see” what I can do. The decision to join The Jewelry Showcase was one of the best business decisions I have made for my jewelry line. Faith has become a true partner and mentor in strengthening my brand message, pricing strategy, and overall appeal to both direct clients and galleries, and has really pushed my brand into alignment. " - Heidi Kingman - Heidi Kingman Jewelry

Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Faith Marcus is very lucky. Faith is a consummate professional who operates in total integrity and is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of the business. I have consulted and worked with Faith to rework and rewrite my messaging and artistic story for new collections, create a dynamic comprehensive package to present to stores, as well as strategize and define aspects of my presentation both aesthetically as well as professionally. Faith takes the time to understand my various challenges. Working with her has resulted in feeling much more empowered in my approach in business, which has given me a new found confidence. Faith doesn’t have a one size fits all approach - which I find so refreshing ! Her caring demeanor, along with her attention to detail has allowed me to focus on my goals as well as determine the correct steps to make going forward. I’m so impressed with Faith’s vast wealth of knowledge as well as her high level aesthetics. She understands the creative and the business side, and truly desires to help every designer realize their true and full potential. If you want the right guidance that is tailored made for you - that really makes a difference - and is a dependable and trustworthy partner - I encourage you to hire and work with Faith. - Lori Friedman - LoriAnnJewelry